UVPLUS brand was established at the beginning of 2020, when the novel coronavirus swept the entire globe. As a high-tech innovation enterprise specializing in the study of ultraviolet technology, and in the beginning of the chaos brought by the pandemic, we have seen many non-professional products rolling out to the market which were confusing. Adhering to the spirit of corporate social responsibility, UVPLUS product line, carrying the past 20 years of global mobile photovoltaic solutions professional capabilities and the tireless efforts of more than 70 research personnel working day and night, to deliver what the market truly needs, safe and reliable, technological sound UV and ozone disinfection products.

At the same time, from safe use to technical assurance, and through SGS, Gmicro Testing, CSA and FDA and other global professional third-party agency testing were undertaken, dispelling all aspects of the user's technical bias against UV rays and ozone. Allowing our safe high-tech products in this special period to shine and feature all our unique advantages in safe, efficient and intelligent disinfection in all angles in personal sanitation, household, travel, public health, offices, public transportation, medical places, campus, recreation area, protecting our families, our customers and our society.